MR NetMaps Compilation v1.0

This is a Compilation of all my Marathon NetMaps that somehow or another were not wiped off the face of the earth after many a Hard Drive crash/reformat.

1. NetHell (Original) v1.1 - The first Marathon 1 map I ever made, recently converted to Marathon Infinity. This differs from 1.0 in that exploda-BOBs have been reset to appear normally instead of Teleporting in front of you. Personally, I thought the teleportation looked better but others didn't appreciate exploding without warning.

2. NetHell 2000 - Sequel to NetHell originally made for Marathon 2. Basically a big arena with a few twists. For some reason I didn't put in a seperate hell level for this map.

3. In The Dark We Live… - Another Net Level originally made for M2. Has remained unchanged except that a few minor polygon/line errors were fixed through Forge.

4. Citadel - The First Map I made using Bungie's Forge for Mi. A very cramped... errrr.... cozy KOTH-type level.

5. Temple Of Dreams - A neat little level with a suspended tunnel and a central hill. Physics have been altered so that BOB is not your friend. On the bright side, now you have a good excuse to shoot BOBs and take their ammo.

6. Hamster Maze - The second map I made for M1. Fighting takes place aboard a small space station with a big spiral staircase. Why would a spacestation have a spiral staircase you ask? Ummm, because Pfhorte used to make them automatically for you of course.

7. Wind It Up! - Dual Arena level. The two arenas are linked by several teleporters.

8. Phoebus TDK - A more polished arena netmap made for Mi. The SPNKR is well guarded but not difficult to get.

Levels in map "MR NetMaps Compilation":
Welcome back Kotter
NetHell 2000
In the Dark We Live…
Temple Of Dreams
Hamster Maze
Wind It UP!
Phoebus TDK