Mission: Improbable

A sequel to Operation: Exaggeration. 12 levels (or so... a couple don't really count, in terms of gameplay). This one's a winner. It's not the most visually stunning, or the hardest... but the AIs are very funny, the physics are brilliant, and the tributes are really, really well done. Don't miss this map-it'll give you ideas for your own maps. (And the sense of humor shown in the storyline is really refreshing, after all the 'save the universe'-type plots.)

Levels in map "Mission Improbable":
The Great Awakening
Welcome to Hell
Bigger, Badder, and BALDER!
Environmentalists Beware
A Sea of Troubles
My Name is Abdul Yahum Rahif!
Indiana Jones and The Old Pot
The Revenge of Unoriginality Man
Credits II, The Sequel