One of the true masters of Marathon Shapes editing releases another unfinished project... this time a radical departure from the typical Marathon TC. (Is there such a thing?) It's based on (and inspired by) the Millstone textures, by Don Carson... the first project, I think, to use these. There are no weapons, no baddies, no puzzles... just some really, really thought-provoking techniques displayed in a beautiful, mostly greyscale setting. Your first runthrough will probably leave you saying "what's the fuss about?" Well, run around a bit more. Did you find the pool table? Did you think about what you saw? Did you find the dining room? Did the chairs make an impression? Did the landscape texture(s) strike you as unique in any way? (If the answer to all of these is "no", well, you're probably not the target audience of this package. [g]) Enjoy... if you're building scenarios (or thinking about it), this could very well give you some spectacular ideas. If you just like cool Marathon tricks, grab this... it's worth your time.

Levels in map "Map":