Matrix Lobby(MI) v1.0

Matrix Lobby (MInf)

2003 Matt Ramquist

Type: Netmap - Every Man For Himself

for Marathon Infinity

-We need guns... lots of guns.

Inspired by the Lobby Shootout scene from the movie "The Matrix."

To install, drag the map file into your Marathon Infinity folder/directory.

-Certain rules, rules like gravity, can be bent... others can be broken.

Certain walls of this map can walked on to gain weapons, ammo, or the advantage over an opponent. A few Aliens have been added for practice in single player mode.

Bullet-Time™ not included.

Note: To make the this map compatible with Marathon Infinity certain polygons in the central hall were deleted. As such you will not be able to run up the pillars like in the Aleph One version. Everything else in the map remains intact.

Levels in map "Matrix Lobby(M‚àû)":
Matrix Lobby