Marathon RED

An intense, 32-level near-total conversion. No solo scenario has scared me like this since Evil... this has a very Aliens-like feel to it. Add to that the incredible physics tricks performed... no other scenario has let you change sides completely, halfway through a scenario. The storyline is confusing, at first... but it's meant to be. (It becomes clearer near the end.) There are some minor annoyances (some of the puzzles are created purely for gameplay, and don't make much sense in the story), and it's HARD (probably the hardest scenario, out of the box, I've seen), but it's really, really satisfying to beat. Overall, this thing is spectacular. Well worth the download. Comes with a new music file.

Visit RED's Big House site.

Levels in map "RED Map":
Too tired to kill?
Noises in the Dark
Need more Duct Tape...
Why did it stop...?
G3 Sun 300Mhz
G3 Sun 300Mhz
G3 Sun 300Mhz
G3 Sun 300Mhz
Nothing's too big to Nuke...
Floating in Agony
Medatron of the Void
Burning down the park
Looking for Floaters
Last Minute Shopping
Heads or Tails?...
And why did I have to do that?...Sir...
J├Ągermeister's Nightmare
Mmmm...Tastes like Evil
...can we say, "MOSH PIT!"
To the Liver!
Chaos Inc.
Can we get a Squeegy over here?
How big's your can?
Up from the depths...30 stories high...