Marathon: Fell v2.0

In April 1999, Fell 1.0 was released, and it was a pretty impressive debut. The work of predominately one person, Fell was an extremely playable, engrossing scenario. Now, 7 months later, Fell 2.0 is released. This is Fell 1.2 with 11 new levels added to the end. Tempus Irae textures are used beautifully here... a tribute to both sets of creators. This one is big, but it's fantastic. It'll keep you trying again, and again, and again, until you finally find that right technique to pass this part, or that. And this, I think, is the test of a good scenario-when you run into difficulty, do you want to hang it up and go home, or are you finding yourself saying, "just one more try..."? If the latter, you know you're playing a winner. And Fell is a winner. And if you're stuck, grab the Fell v2.0 Spoiler Guide!

Levels in map "Fell v2.0":
As a Petal Nears the Water
A Merging of Shadows
No Whisper a Man Could Hold
Nocturne Brevis
We Corpses All Sing...
Nox Quondam
The Face Below the Puddles
Vessel in the Depths
Ny'alth Vesikeph
The Felt Need
eine kleine Nachtmagisch
Phaidros' 8th Guest
How the Stones Were Placed
The Motion-Seeming Things
The Vessel Transparent
A Small Thing
The Value of Dust
The Company Gathered
The Pen in the Now-Empty Room
No Path Sought
Small Breaths
The Shadow in the Cave
The Long Walk
Cal'or Prime
Nocturne Magne
Am Ende
One Chance
For Want of a...