Madman's Maps v0.5.4

20 levels, mostly small to medium-sized. Architecture and lighting can be very entertaining. Some are a bit odd (and would be very difficult to play in net games for any length of time), but ALL are interesting, and have some great ideas. This pack is definitely worth the download. Skullfight, for example, is a brilliant combination of claustrophobic spaces and water-filled areas... you can blast someone with a SPNKR at close range, and if you do it right, you're thown back into the water, protected from the blast. What fun! (It can easily backfire, of course.) Grab this one... your netplay group will thank you for it.

Levels in map "madman's maps v0.5.4":
5-D level
kill or die
up, down, circle LAVA
up, down, circle WATER
Flying things
cool light (needs Aleph One)
Kill everybody
Black things
Where the roads meet
Noone’s Mortal But Me
Small and deadly
level coool
get ready to die
Get ready to kill
sleep well
The black and bloody think