Lost Lands (Part 2) v1.0

This is exactly half of the final product of Lost Lands, which will be a full 32+ level scenario. Part 3 is under construction. I (Mazaro) created this single-handedly. I won't spoil anything in the game in this description, but I will say this- it is hard. Very hard. I may tone it down slightly on the next release, but don't count on too much. I designed this game to be hard for ME to beat, and I've been playing Marathon for a very long time. Hopefully because of this though, the end result of playing the scenario will seem all the more rewarding. It has been tested, and everything in it is possible. The emphasis is more on fun than storyline or any kind of realism. I hope that by putting this on fileball, I'll get more people to play it than I did when Part 1 was released.

Levels in map "Lost Lands 2.0":
Handle With Care
Trapped Beneath the Waves
Smashed Golf Ball
Smashed Golf Ball
Cold, Lost and Dead
The Crusade of King Andrew
Sewer Power
Foreign Visitors
The Halls of Durwin
Soap and Butter
Day of Destruction (Chaos A.D.)
Three Things Like Wizard
Day of Acknowledgement
Hung Fu Monk
Shipwreck Drowned in a Storm
Black Lagoon
Handle With Care
The Lost Lands
Fortress Impervium
Room of Giggles
Architect Haven
on/off (reload)
on/off (reload)
Spastic Overlord (night terrors)