Levels of Lh'owon v3.1

Claude wrote:
35 levels, almost all quite good. A surprisingly wide range of play... there are arena-type maps, tight, twisty corridor-type maps, novelty maps... with great texture choices, good weapons placement (geared towards 3-4 players, but they should accomodate the full range without too much trouble), thoughtful flow. Designed for M2, but most look okay in in infinity, as well. There's quite a bit of skill shown here... on several levels, heading carelessly for weapons will kill you. (This is a fun net technique-it tends to favor those who look where they're going over those who blindly run for the SPNKR...) Have a blast... Version 3.0 adds 7 new levels over the last one, and tweaks many (most?) maps for better gameplay and aesthetics. Version 3.1 adds no new levels, but fixes a few glitches, tweaks many levels for improved play, and (most importantly) puts serious effort into lighting... with wonderful effects. Check it out!

He sums it up well, as usual. While not as impressive as "Some More Lh'owon", but second netpack, it's still worth playing.

Levels in map "Levels Of Lh'owon":
Lh'owon Heights
Castle Pfhor
The Cage
Abandoned Ship
Now You're Gonna' Die!
Twin Carnage Centers
The Irony Of Defeat
House Of Horrors
Mount Olympus
The Open Areas
The Lava Pit
Disco Time!
Power Of Thunder
Up And Down, All Around
The Rising Lava…
The Old Pfhor & The Sea
Welcome To The Bad Boy
Where Is My Flamethrower?
A Bright, Sunny Day
Sewage Galore
The Colisseum
The Basement
Muerto Infinitivo
Conveyor Belts
Lava Dome
Ring Of Death
You're Big, They're Small
Dark As Death
Fist Fight
Water Spout
A Walk In The Clouds