Leelas Return 1.0.5

Herr Grund apologizes for the all-German text in the terms, however, if you look at your Map, the level titles are in English. Three levels, and you better put on your running shoes and carry your balance pole! This player, due to the German text, doesn't know whether we talked to Leela or not. Always did like that gentle & helpful AI (Durandal was such a rampant rat!). This is a very challenging scenario to get into, bonk on the head, glub over the head, that kind of thing. But well worth the download. Good Map Making, somewhat standard, but a challenge as well.

Levels in map "Leelas Return":
A sCrEAm doN´t wOrK TO sAVe YOur lIvE
R‘khts - do you can spell it?
Fab Four