The King Always Wins 2.2


The ancient ruins of Castle N'hol are built upon the water carved tunnels of N'hol, now run dry save for a few subterranean streams and lakes. This impenetrable fortress is your arena. Fight Each other to the death in all out combat, or define teams and defend the castle in a siege warfare.

This map was made by Nick von Beroldingen and like the other map I just sent, this map is too good to be forgotten. It is one of the most incredible network maps I have every played and it is for Marathon: EVIL!

It is a giant castle that is so large and so vast and so well architectured that it seems real. There are secrets all over and throne rooms and everything you would expect from a giant castle. Castle N'hol would be a really great map to make a solo from but with a bunch of large guys it will be a very fun network map.

Use the hi-res textures because I do and I have made some of my own EVIL textures too.

ALSO SPECIAL NOTES! This map has three different versions in it! One is normal, with a physics model inside and lots of aliens. The other version has no physics model, and lots of aliens. The last one has no physics model and no aliens at all. None. Many ways to play!

This map maker has done things that are incredible even after all these year have gone by. The map is very very big.

Thank you and I do not speak English well so if I sound funny do not laugh or I will see you in the Castle.

Levels in map "The-King-Always-Wins-EVIL":
The King Always Wins (Aliens/Physics)
The King Always Wins (Aliens, No Phys)
The King Always Wins (No Aliens or Phys)