It's hard to know what to say about this one. It starts out slow, and there are lots of sloppy mistakes-spelling is atrocious, lots of untextured sides, baddies stuck in walls and ceilings... but there's also some great mapmaking here. There's a bunch of new art, some of which is pretty good. (Some of which is hard to look at, as well...) Lots of cool tricks, like a shuttle transport that looks like a shuttle transport, a fun hacked-up bob hologram, the list goes on. There are also lots of annoyances... like, pick wrong in the lady and the tiger puzzle, and end up frying slowly. Don't do what you're told, and end up frying slowly. Hit the wrong switch, and get squished. These I suppose I could forgive... but there were a few one-shot doors that made me start over again, because once they've closed, you're done. This is less forgivable. Bottom line-hey, it's free. Download it, play it, overlook the little stuff, give Hippieman grief about the big stuff. Maybe he'll fix it. Learn from the fun stuff. (Monster placement, for example, is quite good, at least when monsters aren't embedded in solid surfaces...) Oh, yeah... one last caveat-although the readme says you need Infinity 1.5, you really need 1.2. If you have 1.5, you won't be able to use the patcher. (Hippieman mentioned he was going to fix this.)

Levels in map "Infected Map":
Faxes from Space...
Rockets from my Sockets
My Socertees Note
Huge Tracts of Land
Shove this up your Asteroid
Pass the Pepsid AC
Like a home made lobotomy
Home for the Holidays
Out of the frying pan
Yippie Ki-yia-yea, Mr. Falcon
Welcome Jim
Finaly It's over
Burn like that Son-of-Ahhhhhhhhhhhh