Hell Pfhor You v1.2

(No, this map is not from Rubicon. Also, the exact date it was started is unknown. All I remember is that I started it in May 2006.)

Hello! This basic network map is loaded with weapons, aliens (optional, of course), secrets, and carnage! I wouldn't consider it a novelty, but it may not be as big as other net maps you've played. Some consider it too maze-like, but there are open areas. There's plenty of secrets to find, and not many places to hide! Anyway, I hope you all like it, and if you download, please rate it!


(File's in .zip format.)

Version 1.1 Update: Fixed some missing/misplaced textures.

Version 1.2 Update: Changed some ammo locations, and changed all weapon and ammo minimum amounts to the initial count, to fix some lack of ammo issues.

Levels in map "Hell Pfhor You":
Hell Pfhor You