Harkozynx 9 for SDL v1.0

This is a faithful translation (ie. unaltered) version of Harkozynx 9 from the original format into an SDL format that can be played in Windows or Linux. It contains a "Harkozynx 9" map file with 10 single player and 8 multiplayer levels, plus a "NetMap H-9" map file with 23 multiplayer levels. The original Harkozynx 9 scenario was created by Eric K. Salzman. It was ported to SDL format by Randall J. Currie using HFV Explorer.

Requires Aleph One SDL.

Levels in map "Harkozynx9":
Welcome to the End of the Beginning
Contents May Settle During Shipping
Firewalk & Squeeze
Homecoming…A Time to Die
Behind the ErlenMyer Flask
Pour Forth Black Mud
Humbug, it's Only Small Potatoes!
Ship of Fools
Xtreme Times of Carnage
Bobs Five Year Reunion
Death Everywhere!
Zoo-Cage Review
Mouthful O' Lead
Pour Forth Your Blood
Trooperville…Special Edition
!LiVe Si DooWMRoW!

Levels in map "Hell Hole":
Hell Hole

Levels in map "NetMap H•":
Back In The Cage Again!
Bob's Meat Market Blowout Sale!
Bobs Five Year Reunion
Dead Fields Of Chicago
Everyone’s Mortal But Me
House of Pain
Infinite Triangle
Kill Your Television
Lack of Vision
(Marathon Forever!)
Mouthful O' Lead
Trooperville…Special Edition
Pour Forth Your Blood
Return to Waldo
We Only Come Out At Night
We’re Everywhere!
Wormwood Is Evil
Wrath No More?
Zoo-Cage Review