Gus Drips Pink v1

Marathon Evil Map Making Contest Entry

Small net map designed for Hill play. This is the way all of my maps are designed, with the Hill in mind. The Hill area is the dirt-textured circular region ... well, I'm sure you'll find it. During testing, weapons have appeared to be plentiful but not too generously supplied. Only the Staff will fire under the sewage, and if you're playing with aliens, I would advise you to stay away from all thing wet.

In spite of the relatively large number of polygons for such a small map (due to the circular layout), the frame rates seem to remain reasonably low. I would recommend playing with three to six players, but it works with two. Eight player start positions.

Say the name of this map with your nose plugged. Stand in polygon 1 and look northwest; that was my dream. Thanks to Block for testing, and extra thanks to Devlin Slayer for texturing advice. Also thanks to Fm for lots of neat maps and advice. I really hope the winner of this contest enjoys Quiver, because it is the coolest thing in the universe and should be toyed with extensively.

Gus Drips Pink

Begun May 12th, 1998

Completed September 27th, 1998


Levels in map "Gus Drips Pink":
Gus Drips Pink