The goo frenzy and the 8 sided pyramid v1.0

-Caution : The author is neither fully sane (Not that he is anyway) nor fully awake when he was typing the description, you have been warned -

2 maps are made on 4 AM (in Thailand).....

-Goo Frenzy-

-Well, no rocket launchers, because you'll die anyway.

-Contain boiling 900 Celcius alien goo, do not fall unless advised

-The light poly is the hill, the ball is on that hill.


-No rocket launcher

-Contain a nasty surprise that will turn the tide of your carnaging. (REALLY.)

-The hill is on the top, the ball is on the hill.

(I never do anything ordinary, right?)

Happy dying,


Levels in map "Goo frenzy":
Goo frenzy

Levels in map "pyramid":
The 8 sided pyramid