Fm: Time Becomes a Loop

Requires: Marathon:Evil

Specs: Runs great on any mac that runs Evil.

Time Becomes a Loop is an interestingly small, but large, map. The structures form a loop because they are around a fissure in the ground. Some structures have two levels, and others don't. Many windows, angles, areas for surprise attacks, and full frontal assaults make this a good run for your skill.

This map was originally made for Marathon:Infinity. The map for Infinity will be released soon in a net map pack that is being created by some highly talented people. Only thing I can say now is, that the map pack is going to be really really nice. And, two more maps of mine will be in it as well.

So, I was given the go ahead to make an Evil version of the map, and release it early, so that you will all get a taste of whats to come.

Levels in map "Time Becomes a Loop":
Time Becomes a Loop