Fm: Temporal Lab 17 v2

Initially Created: 10-4-95

Requires: Marathon or Marathon2, depending on the version you get.

Specs: Will run fast on any kind of mac.

First in a series I never finished. The reason I never finished the series was because I didn't want to be limited in what I could do. Following a series format, would have limited me.

Handles many players, and is a pain in the butt. Solo play is really fun with the monsters that are present. Wasps and Defense drones abound.

This was my first map where I messed with Portals. Thus the reason it was called Temporal Lab. I used this interesting idea in the second to last level in Marathon:Evil, where I took it all to the next step, and created a whole facility that was folded onto itself through a portal. This map was my first attempts at the idea.

This was also my last major creation for Marathon, before I moved onto Marathon2. This map was my first attempt at Marathon2 aswell. I used the first Pfhorte version made to deal with M2, and the map turned out so badly, I had to redo it. v2 is the redone version, fixed in Forge after a long tedious converting process by Carl Lineberry. Thanks to him, people can play this map in M2!

Levels in map "FM-Temporal Lab 17.v2":
Temporal Lab 17