Fm: Pfhree Pfhor All v2.6.3

It was created with Pfhorte.

Map was Finished on Arpil 17th 1995

Just put it in the same folder and make it named "Map", and put the Physics Model also, if you wish to use it, and name it "Physics".

Some Info on what you are about to experience: Milestones was my first 'real' map that was worth letting others use. It has lots of really nice things in it, so play it first before viewing it with a map editor. IT’S MUCH FUNNER TO UNCOVER SECRETS WHEN PLAYING THE GAME. Pfhree Pfhor All is the latest I've made, and is very dangerous in total carnage. Both are meant for net play, but can also be played solo.

The Physics file that came with this map file is a combination of Peters Net Physics and my own. I loved the shotgun and hunters version of the alien weapon, so I incorporated them in. These physics will also enable all (AND WORK BEST) the extra special sounds that are in the MarathonEnhancingSnds2.6. So if you're already are using those sounds with the previous physics that came with it, these physics will not mess anything up :-)

•IMPORTANT• If you do not want to use the new sounds, but you do want to use the Physics, then if you want a sound to play for the shotgun (Zeus class fusion pistol) then you will need to go in with the Physics editor.

What you need to change: Go into the weapons catagory

Select Zeus class plasma pistol

then click on firing profile

select the firing sound id 140

and change it to 2040

Thats all you need, to do.

Or you can be really messy and copy the sound ID 140 from the EnhancedSoundsFile into your sounds file. It will not replace anything, and it will add the true shotgun sound to the game. You will need, and need to know, ResEdit.