Fm: Milestones v1

Frigidman's first ever full map made for any of the marathon series. Its a novelty item!

This map was the first ever map recorded in history to be made from the ground up for Marathon. Aptly named, it tested out the powers of the revolutionary tool, that started this endless Marathon craze, called Pfhorte.

It was created with Phorte1.0d5.

Map was Finished on Arpil 14th 1995 and spammed to the marathon Usenet groups of the time (initial medium for releasing one's map!).

A few things to mention about Milestones...

It is a true net map, so no net patch is needed.

The level is very hard on solo when playing in total carnage.

Play the map before looking at it with an editor...much more fun finding the secrets that way.

Other than the obvious ones, that's all I have to say.