Evil-Mikes Net Levels v3.3

An update of a net map pack posted here many months ago and more recently updated at MidWest. 20 levels varying in size and game options. Most are small levels with minimal polygons allowing for fast action games, although the amount of objects placed can cause problems in some areas (most levels also have initial monsters). There's a few fun 'concept' maps in here such as the ones that have platforms covered in 3x shields canisters and SPNKRS's with the aim to blast the other players into lava, crushing platforms, or a surrounding corridor filled with ExplodaBoBs. All texture smearing and invisible walls seemed to have been fixed, although it's still very easy to get trapped by sharp corners when someone's on your tail. V3.3 fixes a bug in 'Plastic Soul'.

Levels in map "Mike's Net Levels 3.3":
Lightning Dome
Something Tells Me I'm Mortal...
Flickta Palace
Alien Arena
I Go Now To a Better Place
Hot Bath
Watery Grave
Plastic Soul
Mike's Station
Cubical Death
Explodebob Funhouse
Water Fight!
It From The Pit
Phantom Station
King of the Pit
Watch Your Step!
BOB's of Destruction
Phantom Fortress
Spiral Wars
Phantom Spaceship