Eternal Mk V

Presenting the fifth and penultimate release of the Eternal project, an epic and ancient scenario eight years in the making. This is a disambiguation page linking to the six separate distributions, in different sizes and for different platforms. See below for a complete list.

Embark on an epic adventure spanning the ages. Picking up from the end of Marathon Infinity, you find yourself suddenly ninety-four years in the future, in the year 2905. You are on the S'pht moon K'lia, hanging in orbit over a desolate and ruined Earth. Clearly all is not well with this future, and once again you are the last hope for mankind. Though they say we have won the war against the Pfhor, it seems more that we have simply lost the least, and a plan has been set in motion to correct these problems. Paired with another sort of hybrid creature, the Battleroid-turned-AI called Hathor, you have been selected to depart back across time using recovered Jjaro technology, one hundred and eleven years in the past to the U.E.S.C. Marathon. There, you and Hathor are to set in motion a plan that will alter the course of history and bring true victory to mankind. But everything is not as it seems...

Eternal Mk V is the last of five "Marks" leading up to a final release called "Eternal X", due "when it's done" (see also: "Soon™" and "We're waiting for the boxes"). It includes all five chapters of the story, consisting of 48 levels in five all-new texture sets, seven new landscapes, seven new weapons, and seven new or modified monsters. It also includes an entirely revamped user interface and a rocking new title theme.

For a complete history of the project, screenshots, and more, visit To download an appropriate version of Eternal, select one of the links below:

For Mac OS 9 and OS X For Windows and Linux
With High-Res Textures (~199MB)
With High-Res Textures (~203MB)
With Medium-Res Textures (~107MB)
With Medium-Res Textures (~111MB)
With Low-Res Textures (~78MB)
With Low-Res Textures (~83MB)