Escape!! v1.01

Claude wrote:

A 7-level solo scenario, based nearly entirely on a pfhor prison ship. Your job is to, well, escape. (And free a bunch of other bobs, and an AI or so, in the process.) The fighting starts slow, which is good, since weapons are sparse. It quickly gets up to speed, though, so don't get lazy... I guess my biggest complaint (outside of 6 straight levels of Pfhor textures, which is enough to make anybody blind) is the angularity of the maps. Pfhor levels, for me, have always been somewhat organic... curves, and weird shapes. There are lots and lots and lots of square rooms here. Gameplay is good, though, and the storyline is engaging... definitely worth a play. You'll get seriously lost on It's Hidin' Time, I warn you...)

He sums it up fairly well. Note that there are only 5 Pfhor levels, not 6.