Endren's Netpack 1.3

This collection is now up to 8 maps, all very well constructed. The first one's a bit odd... insane chess. The rest, though... you could play these for a while and not get bored. Phorever is especially nice.(It almost makes me okay with the idea of a vacuum netlevel... almost.) Version 1.2 fixes most of the known bugs, and adds a map - Coliseum, a rather crazy small arena in which the baddies hate each other, the bobs stand around and watch (and eventually shout 'hey! he's shooting at us!' when you kill enough of them, though they can't do anything about it except die), and when you get bored, the whole place can be flooded with lava. Ouch! v1.3 adds 3 more maps - all relatively small, all interesting. (The late Simplici7y entrant is pretty cool- and that's coming from someone who doesn't like water levels.) Contemplation looks like it needs some work... but it has some serious potential.

Levels in map "Endren's Netpack v1.3":
Durandal's Gambit
H.M.S Marathon
Saturated Liver