Dr'Kurr Station for Marathon: EVIL v1.0

A very vast and architectured excellent net map for EVIL that has been dedicated to FrigidMan. It is a very beautiful facility created by 16 year-old Liam Coonan. I have uploaded this map because it did not seem right to me that something this good should be forgotten. This map should be played with at least four people because it is extremely large and complicated.

However it is also very good for long hide and seek games with only one other person. It is designed very well and looks good and you should be using the high-res textures for this because I do. I made some of my own textures for EVIL as well and they replace things that the hi-res set does not.

If someone were really smart they would make a solo from Dr'Kurr Station because it is big enough to do it with and it would be great.

Thank you everyone.

Levels in map "Dr'Kurr-Station-for-EVIL":
Dr' Kurr Station