CTF Castle Carnage v2.0

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CTF Castle Carnage Readme

This is a modification of Dave Bailey's 9 year old map, (submitted to the archives April 2, 1997, for use with CTF lua script. Best for 6-8 players. I have long felt that this map was an excellent team map and that use for it in CTF would be very interesting. I have been unable to contact him asking permission to modify his work, as both his website and email are dead, but as long as I give him credit I'm sure he won't mind. I strongly recommend you take a look at his original if you like this one. Its a great EMFH map, and he would probably be glad to see that someone has taken an interest in it after nine years anyway, I know I would.

This file requires W'rkncacnter's CTF lua script, with out it, you will be stuck in the middle of nowhere outside of the map.

Other modifications from original include…

-The adding of passageways and corridors and throne rooms to house the team flags taking care to make sure that there is always at least 3 ways out from every room/passageway that I created. (Hate to get trapped)

-The adding of the not-so-secret passageway to the basement of each castle (This is one such escape route)

-The adding of a drawbridge that can be risen and lowered by both teams from the buttons on the roofs. This was to speed up game play. Too many people get stuck in the moat on their way back with the flag, and the elevators can be enough of a bottleneck.

-Sped up Elevators and doors for better playability.

-Teleporter from the basement to the roof, as another means of getting into the castle.

-Removed secret areas and 2x buttons and health power-ups because most multiplayer maps that have them are considered bad, as they take away from the focus of the map, (With CTF the flag rooms) and make it so people live too long. Instead I replaced the 2x health buttons with the drawbridge buttons to raise and lower at your convenience. ;-)

-LOTS more weapons (Its a CTF map designed for 6-8 players, and lots of ammo is a must) Also included, ambient sounds, and labels in the map. I was forced to delete polygons and retexture them so many of the weapons are in different places. Sorry but I wasn't that careful.



v1.1 Fixed door textures which were driving me crazy

v1.2 Redid level parameters for use with the new CTF lua 3.0 and while I was at it added a few ambient sounds.

v1.3 Moved the positions of the teleporters so that, now when you enter them, you come out forward instead of backwards. This makes it more difficult for a single player to defend the roof, especially if people also rocket jump across.

v1.4 Retextured entire map so that castles now represent the colors of their teams which was something I always wanted to do. (Thanks W'rkncacnter even though you don’t like the map ;-)) Also worked with lighting.

v2.0 Finaly completed retexturing the map, It now is up to par with some of the other CTF maps. Also it doesnt "feel" as cramped as it use to be except for the secret (yet obvious) passageway that leads out, this was done for effect and im not changing it.



* Cant find the flag rooms? A. Use the oxygen bar on the lower right tells you the proximity. B. You could follow the sound of the siren.

*It is easy for one to rocket jump from one roof to the other, just run and shoot 2 rockets into the ground behind you and off you go! Aiming is the trick.

Levels in map "CTF Castle Carnage v2.0":
CTF Castle Carnage v2.0