Chokin' on the Splinters v2.0

A multilevel, familiar-feeling map... but you haven't seen this before, at least not in this form. Lots of tight spaces, good flow... but also easy to get trapped, easy to find yourself in a corner. Plenty of weapons and ammo, but this map would be tight with more than 3 or 4 players. Definitely worth a look for smaller groups. v2.0 removes all the tight spaces, really opens up the flow. (Seems my comment about it being easy to be trapped was interpreted as negative... it wasn't meant that way; v1 had nice flow, though it was necessary to think about where you were going if you were being chased. v2 doesn't have any problem at all with this - movement is hardly restricted at all. Different styles - both were nice. v2 seems to fit more with the author's vision, however, and gameplay is quite fast. :) )

Levels in map "Chokin' on the Splinters v.2.0":
Chokin' on the Splinters