Chai'etra Infinitus for SDL v1.0

A port of "Chai'etra Infinitus" from the Infinity to the Aleph One SDL format. A combination of The Chai'etra Saga, The Hammer of the Gods and Fallen Angel all put together by Gareth Wood. Included, is a Shapes file with the M.A.D.D. patch (made by Quartz) applied, which is vital to this game and really makes these levels unique. Grab this one!

Levels in map "Chai'etra Infinitus":
Marathon Man
A Breed Apart
Ex Ignorantia Ad Sapientiam II
The Fires of Acheron
Follow the Blind
Discipline of Anarchy II
Gravity Falling
Hammer of the Gods
Heaven Torn Asunder...
One wing dipped in blood
These Shrouded Temples...
Fallen Angel
Blood for Blood
And the Devil Cried...
A Song For the Dead