A Breakfast Cafe in Vienna, Austria v1.0

A huge, sprawling level, with just about every possible environment. No matter what sort of battlefield you normally prefer, you should be able to find it here... wide open spaces, tight, twisty corridors, long tunnels, short tunnels, upstairs, downstairs, all around stairs... it's all here. Parts are reminiscent of favorite maps in the past (one section made me think of Hot Handed God of Cops, a couple of areas were similar to Bungie levels), but overall, there's nothing like it. If you don't have at least 5, though, you're gonna be chasing each other a lot...

-Claude Errera

This Map was created by Pushkin and Moose-Factory @ th' ToastMonkey Consortium.

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Levels in map "Viennese Breakfast Cafe":
A Breakfast Cafe in Vienna, Austria