Bob Hot Air Popper Bizarre Film v1.0

Playing the rather pointless, but amusing M2 map “Bob Hot Air Popper” I

shot the Bob’s thus beginning the explosive chain reaction. After a

short flight up the wall I picked of the lone Trooper with my .44

Magnum. But then a strange silence fell upon the battlefield, broken

only by the occasional cry of “Kill me!” and “Frog blast the vent

core!”. Something bizarre had happened… but you’ll have to watch the

film to see.

You’ll need a copy of Dr. Sardu’s Bob Hot Air Popper 1.0 map


Marathon 2 to view the film.

You can use Charles Lechasseur’s Marathon Film Installer 1.0.3

to insert the film into a M2 application if you want to see it in

it’s entirety, otherwise it cuts off before the end. Alternatively you

can wait for the Marathon 2 update which is sure to fix replay bugs, and

is just around the corner according to Bungie ;-) Of course if you’re

Fred Delisio, you can just fake your way to the film’s proper end.

Real-time audio in net games won’t be a problem for you either


Either way, without going to all that trouble, or waiting until the Sun

collapses in on itself, you’ll still see just enough of the film with

vanilla M2 to understand the reason for the eerie stillness in the air.

Sadly, you will however miss my fiery death.

Jamie Kahn Genet a.k.a. Wizardling 22/03/03