Bob Factory 1.0.1

This is a really nice three-level scenario. (Well, the first and third levels are pretty short, but they're still quite good.) I was running around the last level, doing my best to stay alive long enough to get to the end, and I was trying to figure out what I liked so much about it... I decided it's monster placement. It's great! (Well, a little light at the start, but he makes up for that.) It's really tight on ammo, at least at first, so you need to plan your routes quite a bit. Brought back the best parts of M1 for me... Update removes the one annoyance, by making terms and pattern buffers look right.

Levels in map "BOB Factory v1.0.1":
Dead Rabbits Tell No Tales
You Can't Tell One Bull From Another Without a Program
Skullduggery makes me hungry!