BLOOD of BIN LADEN Unimap v1.0

J. Kristopher Huddy's Blood of Bin Laden:

Fight the War on Terror without leaving your home!

For the full story and great "making of" images:

* Covertly strike and neutralize terrorist training camps on the outskirts of Kandahar!

* Uncover plans for the September 11 terror attacks!

* Disarm terrorist arsanals of nuclear and biological weapons!

* Wage face-to-face combat with Taliban soldiers and fanatical suicide bombers!

* Tap into local phone lines to receive orders and stay nourished by consuming humanitarian rations!

* Lead squads of American Marines in ground strikes!

* Liberate the Afghan capital city of Kabul!

* Rescue American missionary Heather Mercer!

* Navigate through Afghanistan's mountainous terrain!

* Discern food rations from unexploded cluster bombs!

* Storm the caves and tunnels of Tora Bora!

* Locate Osama's secret underground bunker!

* And finally, take the al-Qaeda leader out once and for all!

Levels in map "INSTADEATH!.sceA":
Instant-Gratification Level

Levels in map "Map.sceA":
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan
KABUL, Afghanistan
TORA BORA, Afghanistan

Levels in map "INSTADEATH!.sceA":
Instant-Gratification Level