The Black Series (G12)

Wow. Eric has overhauled the original 3 level scenario into this 15-level masterpiece. The mapmaking is gorgeous, as usual... the story has been vastly improved, the textures are wonderful. The only complaint I think I'd voice is that sometimes, the pattern (flip a switch, find the newly-opened area, flip another switch) begins to seem repetitive... but it doesn't happen much, and in the meantime, you're spending too much time fighting for your life to worry about it. Ammo, rechargers, and save game terms are placed very well, to keep you stretching, but not so much you get frustrated. This one's a winner! Also has a new home at The Big House... go visit to read more about it!

Levels in map "Map":
Killing under the crescent moon
Area 89
Serial Thriller
Devilish Penetration
Bishop Station
Pain Deluxe Just Phor You
Plasma Burn 2
Voodoocream 2
I Prefer Self Defense
Plasma Burn
one against many
Worm Food?