Arx Immanis Unimap v1.0

Søren Bech Jensen's Arx Immanis.

This scenario won Runner Up as Best Use of Anvil in Bungie's map contest.

"The woods of the cold north are dark and vast, where the towering pines trap the light in a splintered grip and their needles glitter menacingly with frost, like teeth. Without the frozen path to guide you, these darkling woods would swallow you up in their endless perspectives. This was the land of the Overlord Valraven whose reputation had drawn you so far north, a man of ambition who valued strength of arms and cold appetites inured to extremes of violence and suffering. Long ago you brought into a life that turned its back on obligation, loyalty and honour for any reason other than money; thirty pieces of silver is worth any atrocity when you’re starving."

"Most textures are created in Photoshop, but some are stolen

(and modified) from other games like Hexen and Frankenstein

(See if you can spot them), 3D textures and H. R. Gigers

nightmareish paintings."