Archive Sherlock Plugin v2

Welcome to a wonderful feature of the Lh'owon Ar'kives!

[This feature is strictly MacOS 8.1 or higher users only]

The Sherlock Plugin's ability lets you search all of the network archives with the ease of Sherlock. Once you punch in a word or date, a results window comes back with any file that has that word, or was posted after that date.

For each item returned, it shows a good chunk of information about the item you clicked on. Also included are various direct links to the item itself, the creator's profile page, and sometimes links to read the reviews (if the item supports them)!

Due to some limitations of the Sherlock system, it is not obvious how to use a date search. The way you use it, is you just type in a date in the format of M/D/YYYY (four digit year), and anything that was posted ON or AFTER that day will be returned! It's great if you want to see what was put up since the last day you had checked. If you put in a word, then it will obviously not do the date search.

(this Sherlock plugin works fine in Sherlock2... Sherlock2 does not contain any extra features that the plugin would benefit from)

Site Specific Plugins:

Each Sherlock Plugin of the FileBall.Network is set to access a particular site. That site is displayed in the plugin's name, and also returned in the search results (in case you select all FileBall plugins and do a search on them, allowing you to do a multi site search for creators and other interesting tidbits).


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