All rivers lead to chaos v1.0

I create this map on 01/11/2006 but finished on midnight, so it is made at 01/12/2006

*Took a long while to start drawing the lines for the rivers and grounds (30 minutes - 1 hour)*

*Took a longer while to texture the map and put the liquids there 'n there (1 hour-2hours) *

Game modes: 3 game modes, as usual.


1 Water flick'ta for each starting point, be careful.

Many pfhor fighter non-projectile have been spotted.

6 pfhor fighter projectile have been spotted.

Marines (if you considered your net friends/foes as monsters)


All of them scattered.


There are an invisibility powerup and 3x health powerup somewhere....

Find it yourself.

Contains 2 versions of this map, with low gravity or normal gravity....

Happy drowning 'n dying,


Levels in map "Rivers":
All rivers lead to chaos

Levels in map "Rivers_no_gravity":
All rivers lead to chaos