Aleph One Test Maps 1.0

A collection of all the novelty maps submitted to the Marathon Open Source project to show off specific strengths or features of the Aleph One engine. The collection has been put together by an outside party, as a convenience - the maps herein are the product of their respective creators. (Original documentation is included when it existed, and authors and creation dates can be found on the Novelty Maps page of the Open Source project.)

Levels in map "8 Dead Testers - 03.01.00":
See You...multibattle

Levels in map "Aleph Arena - 02-13-00":
Aleph Arena

Levels in map "Canyon - 05.23.00":

Levels in map "Desla 1 - 02-10.00":

Levels in map "Desla 2 - 02.15.00":

Levels in map "Open Spiral - 02.12.00":
Open Spiral

Levels in map "The Beach (Hawaii) - 04.05.00":

Levels in map "The Keep - 06.27.00":
The Keep

Levels in map "The Monster Test - 02.13.00":

Levels in map "Transparent Waterfalls":
Transparent Waterfalls