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The Bastards

A beautiful, very large net map by one of the creators of Tempus Irae. This thing has some of the prettiest light sets, rooms and passageways that I have seen in a long time. Sniper posts, ledges, stairs, media, this thing has it all. Object placement is tight, so this map will take some strategy to play. It isn't a "run around and shoot at everything" type of level. Just a large net map that will need a large group. I played it on a performa and it did fine..but there are some rather large rooms in this thing. A great download!

Folie a'Deux

Another two level net hopper from Rich. The first level is a small outdoor arena set with the Nardo alien texture set. The final level is a outdoor/indoor arena with some great design ideas. Another great one from Rich!

Cherished Illusions

Another great level from Rich. This map has three levels, two that are new sporting the Nardo textures and the third, using the pfhor Nardo set is a port from Rich's Evil Map"Meat Hive". These levels really are visually stunning with these textures. I found myself just trying to steer clear of the "baddies" long enough to take in the texture choices. The flow is great and the "multi-split-level" idea is really challenging. This is a great map and will support any play you desire.