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Marathon 2 Map Specs

From Ryan Martell, one of Bungie's programmers... Useless to non-programmers, priceless to anyone who wants to make extensions for Marathon.

Pfhorte Users Guide v2.2

Put together by Randy Varnell, in Docmaker format, it's somewhat like the Pfhorte Handbook. Not quite as complete, but my guess is any mapmaker (or wannabe mapmaker) wouldn't go too wrong getting both of these.

Marathon FAQ v3.0

This hasn't been updated for quite some time (since before the M2 preview came out), but it still has lots and lots of useful information about M1. In Docmaker format.

Manual for Terminal Editing

Just created a new level, but you're not sure how to edit the comm terminals to contain your text instead of Bungie's? Read this!(Here for historical purposes... there are *much* better tools now.)

The Pfhorte Guide vFinal

This guide is not strictly for use with Pfhorte, because it explains some basic concepts and other ideas behind creating maps for Marathon. If anything, it's a hoot to read through because it's nostalgic historical writing. Many people still write me today telling how they ejoy this!

Rudimentary Level Editing

More of a curiosity than anything else. Gives instructions on using a data fork editor to modify Gamma (and Beta) levels. Almost surely won't work on released versions.

Marathon Engine FAQ v0.6

Early version of this document, but contains lots of useful information about the limits of the Marathon engine.

Marathon Specs

Very low level. M1 only. Don't bother if you're not a programmer.

Pfhorte Handbook v1.3

Just what it sounds like. Nicely laid out, in DocMaker format. Straightforward descriptions of all options, as well as hints. New version covers lighting and object placement, and has a preview of Marathon2 editing... Get this if you use Pfhorte! (Also useful for Mia users...) For use with the Pfhorte Handbook Resource Set. Version 1.3 adds a lot of information about scripting-includes instructions on how to build Waldo World with scripts! Minor updates to other chapters. Still doesn't cover M2, except in general terms.