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Coop attempt 2 v1.0

This here is our second attempt at coop play. We only got through a few levels, and did worse in some situations. Enjoy our folly.

Coop Attempt 3 v1.0

This is yet again another attempt at cooperative play. We did much better this time, though my sister still gets in my way. In several places i took damage when i could have dodged it because my sister was in the way. We had a little trouble on the third or fourth level; i don't remember which. My recomendation: kill all crocks when in coop mode.

Please write me a review on this file, i would appreciate it.

First Coop Attempt v1.0

This film features my sister (dragonus maximus), my dad (bone chiller), and me (divine winds), and our first attempt at marathon 2 cooperative play. This film is amusing in spots because we all have different styles. I tend to me more aggressive than i need to be, my sister tends to stir up all the aliens, then make me kill them, and then get in the way when i'm killing them. My dad is a decent player, but seems to hold a grudge against the "run" button. He knows his way around, though, and tends to be our tour guide on most levels.

AMPG Carnage Fest 6

PLAYERS: Fm™, brymen, Pmac, Nukeboy

All these films need to be run from Evil. Some films require the non-standard Evil net maps to view.

These maps are:

The Coriolis Loop map pack by doubleaught

The original Marathon:Infinity Map file

Three new maps by Frigidman (Included)

(read the readme for more instructions)

Evil Films Pack 6

Submitted by: DuKK of #marathon

All use the standard official EVIL Netmaps.

Evil Films Pack 7

Submitted by: Anonymous

All use the standard official EVIL Netmaps.

These are mostly of the map ClanWar with 8 players doing two teams. Pretty good on showing how the map can be played effectivly... notice when the team members cooperate to flood a hill and lower another... really funny to see the other team fry in boiling lava :)

JS Vid's Evil

Some Marathon Evil films in the Vidmaster Tradition on We Be Ground Pounders and Hackers

Evil Films Pack 5

Submitted by: Grayphics

Maps Needed:

Infinity Map file, and also the Coriolis Loop Map file. A single other map is included.

These are films from the Grayphics Marathon Tourny (GMT)97. They are fast paced, and full of great stuff. They played a bit of games with EVIL, so I am posting the Evil only films for your viewing enjoyment.

Evil Films Pack 3

Submitted by: The Australian Marathon Players Group

Uses the standard Evil Netmaps.

Evil Films Pack 2

Submitted by: Leslie Shafer "The Griffen"

Uses the following maps and packs:

• Classic 60

• Ultimate NetHop

• Evil Official NetMaps

• Coriolis Loop

Evil Films Pack 1

Submitted by: Sam Miller "whipass"

All use the standard official EVIL Netmaps.