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Endless Fun v1.0

This level is Built up of many heights and platforms. it is a smallish arena and you can fly up, down, side ways, all 360 degrees.

Juggernaut Co-Op Video v1.0

This is a sort of update on the Juggernaut project. I was working on a map for solo and co-operative Juggernaut missions, but I'm a bad scenario mapper, so I've passed the baton to someone else. This video shows what I had done on the map; it is a recording of a co-operative game. 2 players, Total Carnage.

Note: this is an MPEG video and not a Marathon film file.


Sigma icons for OSX v3.0

This creation contains 37 total hi-res icons to jazz up the look of the Portal of Sigma for OSX. Version 3 contains 9 new icons and a included bonus icons pack of 21 old and new Sigma icons.

Can-ned Food's Specialty Evil & Red MML ed. 1.1

Text MML files enabling a conversion of the original Marathon TCs Marathon Red and Marathon: Evil for any recent build, any platform.

The New Core CTF v0.9

Now with CTF, optional faster projectiles, four times as many gravity lifts, and patented 'Jjaro people mover' technology.

The Portal of Sigma v1.1

11 solo and net levels, new shapes, new weapons

and of course many new textures and secrets!