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Interesting Rubicon maps v1.1

Im not gonna try guees my maps creation date- dont ask y i dont look at wen it was last modified

Middle School Replica v1.0

This isnt my map i made- but a good friend made it and wanted it posted. This is his middle school- He says if you went to the real thing youd think of the map instantly

ooga's Shroom Patch v1.0

This is just a little bit of rubicon fun, and it supports all gametypes. The weapons have been sped up in almost all aspects, making netplay totally bitchin'.

Sea Monkey Milanesa v1.6

Four Ruby Net Maps for solo or net play for 2-6 people. FPS has been kept low and all modes of net play (Ball, Hill, Every Man) are possible.


1. Nicotine Bingo (Rubicon original.)

2. Spam Trance (Rubicon original.)

3. The Bum's Rush (GoF import. First time release.)

4. The Grim Ritual (A remake of a Minf map, which was a remake of a TI map.)